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Our services

We take on anything from bespoke projects and helping out when you are short of campaign capacity, right up to building and delivering strategy from the ground up for you.


You know the change you want, but how will you make it happen? Taking the time to build a winning strategy is at the heart of every Can Can Campaign.

We created a compelling, focused, action orientated strategy for More Than A Score.


Changing policy, as well as minds, requires a detailed understanding of Westminster and strong links to politicians and their advisors.

In 2019, all opposition parties formally aligned their policies with the More Than A Score campaign.

Media relations

Getting the story right, knowing the media landscape inside-out and having the contacts who will always take your call – that’s what makes a media relations campaign work.

In the last 12 months, our clients have appeared over 30 times on national TV and radio and over 40 times in the national press, including two front page stories.


An event must have a purpose. It must engage your current supporters, attract new followers, create news and have a call to action.

We were the first to hold Parliamentary briefings hosted by children.


We convert complex ideas into simple messages to cut through the noise, expand audiences, build supporters and change hearts and minds.

The More Than A Score Parents’ Guide delivers all the information parents need about primary testing.


A truly effective campaign needs supporters on the ground who are passionate about the cause and motivated to make change happen.

For More Than A Score, we built a nationwide 100-strong grassroots organisers’ network in just six months. These activists are ready and willing to initiate and participate in campaign actions.


Not every film can go viral but ours do. Visionary directors, producers and writers, combined with a compelling message, are what get people excited and sharing.

The More Than A Score SATs film was viewed over 1 million times in just one week.

Social media

Focus is the key to our digital strategies. We understand the audience; build relevant, engaged communities and provide the tools needed to support and amplify the campaign.

We provide channel expertise with a unique understanding and insight into where audiences are.


The most effective campaigns have a strong, memorable identity, which reflects their values and ambitions.

We combine brand expertise with creative vision to create the most stand-out visual work.


Successful campaigns breed successful campaigns. We give leaders and supporters the tools and techniques to win.

Our training programmes combine theory with practical, winning examples to educate and inspire.

Web development

The best sites and web experiences are built by experienced practitioners who have a thorough knowledge of front- and back-end development and can work seamlessly with designers.

We excel in creating robust, well-designed, user-friendly sites, interfaces and campaign tools.


Insight-driven research does more than make noise in the media for a campaign; it changes the agenda.

Our YouGov research for More Than A Score revealed, for the first time, what parents really think about government tests in primary schools.