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21 June 2021

Top tips for live interviews

We received some positive feedback on a recent interview Can Can founder Alison Ali did with Julia Hartley-Brewer about SATs and other high-stakes government assessments of primary-aged children.

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26 January 2021

A New Year’s story: How I became a full-time activist

Seven years ago, I spent New Year with my friend Artemy Troitsky and family in their dacha near Moscow. At that time, Artemy was one of Russia’s most well-known political commentators, an arch-critic of Putin and other oligarchs and a lifelong campaigner for social and political justice. He was also a rock music academic and […]

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15 December 2020

Uniting to call for action

Our online rally for the More Than A Score campaign brought together MPs from all sides of the House, the leaders of the main three teaching unions and over 1000 school leaders, teachers, parents and supporters. But in such a high-profile line-up, the most moving and engaging contributions came from year 6 pupils expressing, from […]

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27 November 2020

When will policy makers ditch the gloss and listen to educators?

This week’s Spending Review served up cold comfort to educators and our nation’s children. Along with headteachers, teachers, unions and parents, here at Can Can we campaigned long and hard to win Boris Johnson’s vaunted election promise of a £14 billion cash injection for schools, which, in one of those fiscal sleights of hand we’ve […]

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18 November 2020

The US election: how the grassroots won for Biden

By Maxine Thomas-Asante 2020 has been a tough year. From Covid-19, to life in lockdown, to global race equality protests, we have faced enough challenges to inspire films for the next decade. However, through all of this, we have been reminded of what is most important: community. Communities have gathered, supported one another and mobilised […]

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01 October 2020

Top tips for doing Black History Month well

For educators 1. Black History Month is the start – and not the end – of the conversation  Black History Month is towards the beginning of the academic year. This means that we have many months afterwards to develop and expand on the learning started here. The British curriculum has more scope than we often […]

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23 September 2020

Year 2 SATs: avoiding harm in 2021

If one thing is clear when we look at the English education system, it is that we could be doing more to prepare our children to thrive.

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14 June 2020

Black liberation: exploring the action and impact of #BlackLivesMatter in summer 2020

“There was an energy and passion that I have never seen in my hometown before. A demand to be heard.”

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15 April 2020

Five steps to building a grassroots movement

1. Have a clear purpose Your campaign’s purpose is the change you want to see; it’s the core desire from which you grow your campaign; it needs to unify and motivate everyone involved. Keep your purpose simple – can you sum it up in a sentence? In five words or less? Is it energizing, active, […]

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15 April 2020

Launch a grassroots movement without a tactical plan

 So, you’ve got together with a few others and agreed your purpose and discussed strategy. Isn’t now the time to talk tactics, develop action plans – things that really get your group excited?  Or… is now the time to channel the energy of a much, much larger group of people? Could you use your launch […]

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