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01 October 2020

Micro-film campaign launched

We’re pleased to have been commissioned by the NEU to produce a new series of micro-films. The “Fair Grade” campaign calls on the government to plan ahead to avoid the same 2021 GCSE/A Level grading fiasco that hit students so hard in 2020. The series of self-shot films, with students, parents and teachers talking direct […]

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23 September 2020

Year 2 SATs: avoiding harm in 2021

If one thing is clear when we look at the English education system, it is that we could be doing more to prepare our children to thrive.

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14 June 2020

Black liberation: exploring the action and impact of #BlackLivesMatter in summer 2020

“There was an energy and passion that I have never seen in my hometown before. A demand to be heard.”

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19 May 2020

Micro-film campaign wins more than 250,000 views in a week

In the light of Covid-19, which has put extraordinary pressure on schools, Can Can built huge momentum in the More Than A Score campaign against primary school testing.

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05 May 2020

Postcard to Parliament

Can Can repurposed its ‘real world’ grassroots Postcard to Parliament campaign to create a successful virtual postcard action. In early May the DfE was bombarded with postcards via Facebook and Twitter. During a news cycle dominated by Covid, engagement was still above 2% and the Facebook post was shared almost 500 times in less than […]

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15 April 2020

Five steps to building a grassroots movement

1. Have a clear purpose Your campaign’s purpose is the change you want to see; it’s the core desire from which you grow your campaign; it needs to unify and motivate everyone involved. Keep your purpose simple – can you sum it up in a sentence? In five words or less? Is it energizing, active, […]

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15 April 2020

Launch a grassroots movement without a tactical plan

 So, you’ve got together with a few others and agreed your purpose and discussed strategy. Isn’t now the time to talk tactics, develop action plans – things that really get your group excited?  Or… is now the time to channel the energy of a much, much larger group of people? Could you use your launch […]

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10 March 2020

Parents and heads in joint brief to Parliament

An event organised and run by Can Can and supported by the NEU saw academics, parents and headteachers from across the country brief MPs on the government’s damaging primary school testing regime.

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01 March 2020

Research shows what parents really think about testing

Can Can has developed YouGov research and a report to survey the views of over 2,000 parents of children in state primary schools for campaign group More Than a Score. The research reveals that parents do not appear to need or trust the data gathered by government during formal tests, providing good evidence for the […]

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